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Finding the Right Size Bra

First Bra fitting advice for girls.

At around the ages of 10 to 14 you will go through puberty. Some girls may reach this stage earlier and some later Ė our bodies will develop at different ages and this is normal. During this time you will notice your body going through changes and one of these changes is that your breasts start to grow. Every girl will develop breasts at a different rate and at a different time so you may not be at the same stage as your friends and this is completely normal. Having breasts, no matter their size, is all part of growing up so enjoy it, love your changing shape and, when you think the time is right, ask about getting your first bra. Donít be embarrassed, your mum was your age once!
I recommend that you get measured by a qualified fitter. These ladies have been trained to fit bras in a professional and respectful manner. Ask around to see if anyone can recommend someone in your area. If you canít find anyone, give me a call and we can talk over your options.
Being fitted for a bra is nothing to worry about. Itís like when you get your feet measured for your school shoes. The principle is the same, it's about finding the right size for you so you feel comfortable, supported and are wearing the right bra.
When you go for a fitting you won't need to completely undress in front of anyone; you can take your top off if you like but if you feel more comfortable you can leave a crop top or t-shirt on. You will go in to a fitting room just like in any shop (your mum or a friend can come in with you too) and a lady will either measure around your chest in two places to work out your size or simply guess your size just by looking at you. It's as easy as that! She'll then bring you a few bras to try, then all you need to do if pick your favourite style.
The number given for your bra size signifies the measurement around your chest, just under your breasts, plus 4/5 inches. For example if you measure 30 inches around this part of your chest the number in your bra size will be 34.
The letter in your bra size signifies the size of the cups in your bra (the bits your breast sit in). This letter is worked out by measuring around the back of your chest and over the fullest part of your breasts (about where your nipples are). The difference between this measurement and the underbust measurement (the number part) will equate to a letter. For example if this measurement is 2 inches bigger than your underbust measurement you will be a B cup; if it's 3 inches bigger you will be a C cup etc.
There are different styles and colours that you can choose from; some bras will have padding, some will just be made in a soft fabric, others have lace and ribbons and then there are bras that are just plain. Whilst your body is still growing and changing it's best to wear a wirefree bra. Lots of bras have wires sewn in to the bottom of the cups but you really don't need these. A wirefree bra will be softer, more comfortable and there is no risk of wires digging in as your breasts grow. When you have chosen the style you like the look of, try it on and see how it feels on you. Take a look in a mirror to see how you look. No, itís not being vain or weird. You need to check that it fits properly. Check the list below to make sure itís the right size for you.
  • The underband should fit firmly around your body on the middle fastening and sit horizontally to the floor all the way around and not pull up at the back

  • Your breasts should fit nicely inside the cups with no fleshy bits spilling out at the side or over the top of the cup

  • The straps should sit nicely on your shoulders without digging in

  • The centre front of the bra should sit reasonably close to your chest wall

  • Bra fitting advice for women

    Our breasts grow in a plethora of shapes. We can give them broad typing that can sum up how ample the breast tissue is, but the bottom line is no two breasts are the same. This can be literally, as one breast may be significantly larger than the other. Research has shown that around 80% of women are wearing the wrong size bra. Considering we wear our bras for at least 8 hours a day, it makes sense to be wearing one that is comfortable. I would recommend that you get measured by a qualified fitter. If you would like Bee 4 Bras to carry out a fitting for you, please contact me. The details can be found on the contact us page. However, not everyone is comfortable with a personal fitting, so this guide will give you an understanding of what will help you find a more comfortable bra.

    If you are already wearing a bra, take the time to look in a mirror to see how it is fitting you.
    1. Does the band ride up at the back?
    2. Are the straps digging in?
    3. Does the band dig in?
    4. Does the centre underwire sit away from your chest?
    5. Do your breasts bulge out at the sides or over the cleavage?
    6. Does the fabric pucker or wrinkle?

    If you have answered yes to any of these questions, then you are wearing the wrong size. Iíve provided some solutions to the above questions. Use your current bra as the starting point, then follow the answers to work out you correct sizing.

    1. The back size is too large try a smaller band size i.e. if you are wearing a 36, try a 34
    2. This usually happens if you have said yes to 1 as well. The straps have been tightened as the underband is too big. They are carrying the weight of your breasts instead of the cup. Try a bigger band size.
    3. The back size is too small, try a larger band size.
    4. Your cup size is too small, try one or two cups larger
    5. Your cup size is too small, try a larger cup size
    6. Your cup size may be too big if it is on both breasts; try a smaller cup. If it is only one cup, you have one breast smaller, try using a foam or gel insert to boost the smaller side.

    If you have changed the size of the band, you will need to note that your cup sizing may need to be changed as well. For example if you have increased you band from a 34D to a 36 you may find you only need a C cup as the volume will be different. In the same manner, you will need to increase your cup size if you have decreased your band sizing.

    Iím offering free returns and free postage over £75.00 so that you can try a couple of sizes on if youíre still not sure you have got it right. When you get your order, try them on and go through the checklist above again and when you can answer no to them, enjoy wearing your new bra in comfort!